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What if I fail?

What if I fail? – no – What if I succeed?

By Janice Story

Do you often find yourself asking What if? Is constant fear or worry based thoughts running through your mind until it almost drives you crazy? Do you say, to yourself or others, things like, What if I choke on my interview and don’t get the job?; What if I can’t make it on my own?; What if they don’t like me?; What if something bad happens?; What if I fail? — As if our minds aren’t busy enough, we are only adding to the internal chatter, chaos and stress of everyday life. Sure, some of those things may happen, you might fail, but what if you succeed? We may just be standing in our own way – blocking our successes. How much have you missed out on, because those simple two little words kept you from doing something?

Next time you catch yourself in the middle of one of those thoughts, try shifting it into something positive! If you insist on utilizing the words What if?, try shifting the energy to thinking Wow!What if I do get this this job and I will have the freedom to change my life? Or perhaps it will be What if I do go on this blind date and meet my soulmate that has been waiting just for me?; What if I do go on that trip, and make the amazing memories culminating in the experience of a lifetime?

A huge part of loving yourself is paying attention to exactly where you place your thoughts. If you constantly think about everything that could go wrong, it will! You must create the space within yourself to allow every amazing thing you deserve, to come into your life. When you learn to shift your thoughts and your words, it truly starts opening the doors, and allows your deepest desires to become reality.

When you wake up every morning, think about the following things and implement them into your daily routine:

  • Choose a positive mantra and repeat it throughout the day.

  • Be mindful of where you place your thoughts.

  • If you notice yourself in a What if? mind frame, make sure you start focusing on the possibilities of what could be!

Don’t be so afraid to fail that you neglect to give yourself the chance to succeed!

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