Our Story

"Let the horses do their job"

Diana Gogan and Janice Story have come together through their friendship, coaching experience, and their love of horses to bring you an incredible opportunity. They are excited to introduce the "Freedom Way" of Equine Assisted Coaching. 

They will teach you how to get out of the horse's way and just let them do their jobs. You will learn how to intuitively guide your clients through an individualized, insightful and healing experience, without a scripted or textbook prompt. The Freedom Method provides a more natural and holistic approach to healing as the horse provides a very sacred and safe space that not only allows your client to open up to healing, but also provides them with support to help them navigate along the path of a new journey.


Meet Our Team



" Strength "

Cowboy always knows the best way to offer support to someone. He will help you work through trust and learning boundaries. He can be so gentle, but he makes sure you hear exactly what you need to hear. Cowboy likes to take charge and is a true leader.


"Reveal Potential"

Her full name is Whisper in the Wind. Her whisper rises above the noise of the world as she confidently shares her truth and wisdom. She enjoys helping people discover and let go of what no longer serves, discover hidden truths, and to heal and move forward. She holds a space of strength and love, and at the same time will point you to unseen aspects of yourself it is time to acknowledge. Whisper knows what she wants and won't settle for less, and helps you do the same.


" Unconditional Love "

Bailey is pure love and gentleness. She is incredible at teaching unconditional love, and will help you look deep within so you can discover how to love yourself and find your value and self worth.


" Confidence "

A full grown miniature horse (mini) with a large heart and spirit that reach far beyond his compact size. He loves to run and play and his high pitched whinny will bring an instant smile to your face. He is also deaf, which has never stopped him from enjoying every moment in life. He'll help you discover where you may be not living full out in your heart and Soul. Max also has a serious side when it comes to his work with people and will help you uncover insights and wisdom.


" Playful "

Dreamer thinks he is an overgrown puppy, that still gets into everything. He constantly wants attention, and has no clue how to just be still. Everyone loves his playful nature and crazy antics. He will for sure teach you how to bring more joy and laughter into your life. You don't always have to be serious! It's time to play!



"the Mature one"

Kat is always a pleasure to work with and very gentle with the delivery of her messages. She will help you discover the areas in your life that you may be getting stuck in, and then help you find a way to move forward.


"The New Guy"

Wyatt is new to the herd, and still learning his job. He is very eager to work with people, and is continually becoming more comfortable in his new home.


"Little Miss Dynamite"

Holly came to us as a 5 month old filly and has always been spunky and energetic. She is a great big horse in a very little package. She likes hugs and attention, and is becoming a great teacher. She is a little smaller than the others, but sure knows how to hold her boundaries, and run the boys off!


" Your Freedom Guide"

Diana Gogan, a spiritual life coach and wayfinder, spent years climbing the corporate ladder, yet at the same time become increasingly restless. She knew it was time to reconnect with the wisdom of her soul and the heartbeat of her spirit to discover the great work she is here to do. It is a journey she now expertly guides her clients on. Diana powerfully weaves together coaching, energy work, shamanic and nature practices, and equine-assisted coaching to create life changing experiences and opportunities for her clients.


" Your Freedom Guide "

Janice Story is a certified Reiki master/teacher; mind, body, and spirt practitioner; published author and speaker; and Equine Coach who also brings over thirty years of horsemanship into her work. Janice’s compassionate and gentle spirit provides a safe space for others struggling with physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma. She works with a team of seven horses with whom she shares a strong connection and who were instrumental in her own healing. Together, Janice and her equine team create an opening for healing and transformation that far exceeds that of human contact alone. 



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