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Available Programs


The Freedom Way Book Club

On going book club. Join anytime!

Enjoy reading and learning about horses, the connection between horse and human and other topics related Equine Assisted Coaching?

Grab your book and join us for a lively discussion as we make our way through a variety of books. We're reading books that have a direct influence on the way we partner with them in Equine Assisted Coaching and therapy sessions.


The Freedom Way - Level 1

5-Month Certification Program

A refreshing approach to equine assisted training and certification. Go beyond a structured, in-the-box, one-size fits all approach to serving your client. Open to a world of intuitive leadership, true partnership with  horses, and a fully integrated body-mind-spirit experience for your client.

New to the industry? Level 1 covers everything from the skills needed to how to set up your business. You can hit the ground running in only 5 months.

Currently in the therapy or coaching business and want to learn to partner with horses? Learn to skillfully blend your expertise with partnering with horses and take your practice to the next level.


Mentoring Program

Personalized 3-month Program

For certified Freedom Way Equine Assisted Coaches

You became an Equine Assisted Coach because you love to see the transformations and growth your clients experience, and that’s what you want to spend your time doing. Yet, there are lot of other business details needed to create a solid foundation and structure for success.

Save time and avoid frustration while receiving full access to support, knowledge, and strategy to help you focus your time and energy. you’ll achieve success faster than taking the time to figure it out on your own.


The Freedom Way - Level 2

Coming Soon!

Ready to take your Freedom Way Level 1 certification to the next level?  Watch here for more details!

Coming in 2023
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