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Find a Freedom Way Coach Near You

Are you ready for an Equine Assisted Coaching experience of your own?  Find a certified Freedom Way® coach near you.

Each of the coaches listed have completed one or more levels of our certification courses and are in good standing with The Freedom Way®.


Phoenix, AZ

Denise Cortez

Denise guides her clients to experience a deep level of communication with horses that opens one to new possibilities and healing. Her goal is to help people reconnect to their true self through the energy and insight of the horses. She is a passionate, loving and strong woman, full of humor and ready to help others embrace these qualities withing themselves. Denise brings a varied background of experience as an Army veteran, 4th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwan Do Instructor, mother of 5, Reiki master and equine assisted coach to support and guide her clients.

Level 1 Certified

Desert Rose Horse Talker LLC

(602) 615-7815

FB Cowboy Pink.jpg
Scottsdale, AZ

Karisa Kloscak

Karisa Kloscak is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her passion is supporting those who’ve experienced trauma and/or addiction with a motivation to heal and shift. Karisa takes a client centered approach and believes each of us has the ability to heal from within. Her blend of traditional and modern techniques through a somatic lens offers new hope for natural healing. She enjoys helping others become more connected to themselves through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Coaching. Karisa enjoys riding and meditating in the barn (ideally on a horse) whenever possible!

Level 1 Certified

Karisa Kloscak LLC

(480) 648-3584

Josh & Poco.png
Scottsdale, AZ

Josh Liber

 Back 2 Life Assisted Equine Coaching is one of the few treatments in the valley that encompasses healing through activities with horses to promote physical, cognitive, and emotional healing and recovery. Through activities such as grooming, feeding, and leading a horse is a form of therapy that can be used to counsel individuals of all ages, including families and groups. Our therapeutic approach is the first equine therapy service in the valley that comes to YOU. At Back 2 Life Equine Coaching, We believe that healing is possible and our trusted steed, Poco and his handler, Josh are here to assist you.

Level 1 Certified

Back2Life Equine Coaching

(480) 437-0000

Mellisa Mullin.jpeg
Phoenix, AZ

Mellisa Mullin

Mellisa is a retired elementary teacher of 32 years. Her journey with The Freedom Way began when she lost her husband to cancer. She attributes being able to live each day to the therapy she received from the coaches and horses that showed her she had more to give in this life. She loves being able to tell her story and helping others to know that there is life after the death of a loved one. Her life drastically changed in just a few months, but her joy for living life now can be seen in her ever ready smile and genuine love for helping people heal with horses.

Level 1 Certified

Mellisa Mullin Coaching

(334) 462-7404

Laurie Roach.jpeg
Phoenix, AZ

Laurie Roach

Laurie has a master’s degree in Psychology. She has 30 years of experience in horsemanship and over 20 years of experience working with adults and children who have encountered trauma. She recently combined her past experiences of both things she loves; horses and mental health (healing). She enjoys helping others learn the love of horses and provides therapeutic healing sessions. Her sessions include equine assisted coaching and meditation to individuals and groups. The horses she uses in her coaching sessions are all rescue horses. These horses have healed from their past trauma and help others heal from their trauma.

Level 1 Certified

PickSix Equine Guided Healing

Facebook Page

(209) 329-1514

Matt, Cody and I.jpg
Phoenix, AZ

Amanda Holmes

Amanda is a Navy veteran who completed four years of active duty, where she was deployed twice to the Persian Gulf aboard an Aircraft carrier. From the time she was a young child, she excelled in the equine field from showing horses to working at a Dude ranch and places in between. She is certified in Reiki Level 2 as well as being an equine assisted coach as well as working as a licensed A&P Aircraft mechanic.
Amanda's variety of life experiences and calming yet energizing presence makes it so effortless to relax and fall into the natural rhythms of yourself.

Level 1 Certified

Matters of Energy

Facebook Page

(623) 262-1624

Phoenix, AZ

Maggie Twine

Maggie Twine works with family members impacted by a loved ones substance abuse and individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. She guides her clients to confidently find strength through their struggles and reignite the spark within. Her clients learn to live their fullest expression of themselves, rather than feeling trapped in their mind and disconnected from their body.

When working with Maggie and the horses her clients find peace and safety in their mind and body. She skillfully teaches others how to self-regulate and connect to their emotions in a gentle and transformational way.  

Level 1 Certified

Anolani Equine Coaching

Facebook Page

(480) 389-5094

Lanita Ugstad.jpg
Phoenix (East Valley), AZ

Lanita Ugstad

Lanita is a certified Advanced Yoga Teacher (RYT-300, ERYT200, RPYT, YACEP and Trauma Informed), Certified Trauma Informed Mindfulness Coach, Birth Educator / Labor Doula, Reiki Master and Equine Assisted Coach. She has a background working with trauma, substance abuse, youth education / crisis, grief, therapy modalities.


She is passionate about assisting her clients in healing what is blocking them from embodying their fullest potential, so they can live in their birthright to feel safe, joyous and abundant. Through years of working with horses, and experiencing first hand the benefits and healing that can happen while working with horses, she is overjoyed to incorporate her expertise in whole being healing, along with Equine Assisted Coaching to others.

Level 1 Certified

Sacred Equine Journeys

Instagram Page

(520) 873-7307

Tami and Jojo 1.jpg
Laveen, AZ

Tami Blake

Tami works with people of all ages, and enjoys creating a safe, transformational space with the horses for those healing through trauma and PTSD. She also offers various workshops and 1:1 session for kids blending yoga and horses.


She's a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Trauma Informed Coach, and Equine Assisted Coach.

Level 1 Certified

The Enlightened Soul

Facebook Page

(602) 790-9404


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