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I love being outside in nature, listening to sounds around me, feeling the warm sun on my face, and slight breeze brushing against my skin. Spending time with my horses or dogs always brings me joy and gets me out of my busy mind. I feel as human beings we’ve become so disconnected and task oriented that we forget to make time for simple things in life. We desire materialistic items that our children will one day stress over having to sift through as they are mumbling under their breaths about all the crazy stuff we’ve gathered through the years.

We’ve forgotten how to just be present, how to be comfortable with ourselves enjoying our own company. When was the last time you simply went for a walk and really noticed all of the things around you? The birds singing, an ant crawling on the ground, the shapes in the clouds, or the incredible sound the wind makes while blowing through a saguaro cactus? When did you last sit outside with your cup of coffee and allow yourself to just be without any agenda or thoughts?

Do you listen to or take care of the needs of your body? What about what fuels your mind, heart and soul? Are you ignoring them, not creating the time that you need to lift your spirit?

Do you spend hours in front of the television set or on social media? When was the last time you made a date with yourself? Have you noticed the little signs, symbols, or messages that surround you trying to support you?

When you start to slow down a bit and allow yourself to reconnect with who you are, you gain clarity into what you desire to achieve in life. By taking care of and loving yourself, you create the space for joy and happiness to come into your life. By allowing yourself to become still and quiet your mind, you start to receive the messages that are meant for you to hear. You begin to deepen your connection not only with yourself, but with everyone, and everything around you.

Start by taking a few moments daily for some quiet time. Go for a short walk and find a quiet place to sit down for a little while. Set your thoughts aside, reconnect with yourself, and you’ll begin to feel your own peace within.

Equine Assisted Therapy helps your clients through the process of becoming reconnected to who they are. It happens in such a gentle, graceful, and incredible way. To find out more about how you can learn to facilitate these incredible healing moments, reach out to us through the website below.

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