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Putting Yourself First

Not taking care of myself has been a continuous pattern throughout most my life. I never seemed to be able to make myself a priority, always putting my own needs on the “back burner” so to say. I’d become a master of excuses, “I don’t have time, I will start tomorrow, I have to do this first.” Tomorrow inevitably turned into next week, next month, and unfortunately next year. Do you know that feeling or have you had the same thoughts?

A few years I back made some major shifts in my life and started implementing some self care practices. Wow, has it been truly life changing! As I started making a commitment to loving myself and taking care of me, everything around me shifted. I became happier, healthier, and my personal business started thriving. I started to reach my goals and was able to achieve my desires that I had thought would never be anything other than far-fetched dreams.

Sure, I still get off track sometimes, but I’ve learned to be more compassionate and forgiving with myself. Allowing me to be able to move forward again instead of becoming stuck like I had always done in the past. I’ve learned to write things down and have a better plan helping me be more committed.

A few of my most important daily practices include mediation, exercise, and journaling. I just feel better if I am least doing those three things. I’m always looking for things I can read or classes I can take to gain wisdom and increase my knowledge. I schedule time for the things that bring my joy.

Here are a few ideas to help encourage and assist you in starting your own self-care routine.

  • First of all, and most importantly, make a commitment to yourself to begin a consistent daily routine.

  • Invest in, or create a planner or notebook to help keep you on track.

  • Sit down and create some daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and organize them in your newly purchased planner.

  • Decide what your self-care routine is going to look like, and how much time it will take you, and start adding it to your daily agenda. Block out times on your calendar, making appointments with yourself. You would always keep your appointments with others right?

What are you going to do today, to begin putting you first?

A big component of our Freedom Way Equine Assisted Coaching Certification Course is Self Care. In order to be of service and help others, it is so important that you are taking care of you first and foremost! You have to make that commitment to yourself. Are you ready to commit to a lifestyle and career change? Or perhaps elevate and expand your existing career to whole new level, while also reconnecting to yourself and loving life in a new way? Come join us August 4, 2021, as we start our next Freedom Way Level 1 Certification Course.

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