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How are you "navigating" through life?

How often do you stop and pause for a moment and think about how you are navigating through life. That’s a word that I’ve not used very often, as it seemed to be directed more towards speaking of maps and traveling and such. But for the last month it has become a word that I am routinely using at least half a dozen times daily. My husband was injured a month ago when a young horse bucked with him pretty hard for a long time. She never got him off (he is still a great cowboy) but in the process of him staying on top, he separated and broke his pelvis in two places.

Next thing you know, here were are trying to learn to “navigate” in a different way on a day-by-day basis. Luckily his surgery went well, and he will be ok, but he has to be totally non-weight bearing for at least ninety days. Wow… this is a man that can’t sit still very long, and is always on top of a horse! Now what? I had to slow down a bit and really learn the definition of navigating and what that looked like.


-to plan and direct a route or course

-travel on a desired course after planning a route

-move in a direction from one place to another

“Hmmm…?” Isn’t this what we should be doing in life all the time? Constantly looking at the direction we are going, and the course we are on? We get so busy and caught up in life, that we don’t slow down long enough to even think about it sometimes, until “something” happens and almost forces us too.

Thankfully I have an incredible support group and we have amazing friends that have all offered help. I’ve had to “navigate” through being able to ask for that help and allowing myself to receive it. One of those lessons I’m supposed to be learning, and I apparently haven’t quite got that one yet. However, I have had to accept that help and am truly grateful for it. I am also grateful for my amazing horses and how much they have helped me through so many challenges throughout my life.

I've been spending time with my horses lately just being present with them, and reflecting on life in general. One of the amazing things about working with the horses, is they have an incredible ability to help others learn a new way of “navigating” through their own lives. Horses help them look deep within themselves to discover new directions and new pathways to take. Through an Equine Assisted Coaching Session, they help them gain clarity around the next steps to take towards where they want to be.

Just as they always do, the horses are reminding and helping me to stay grounded, remain calm, and to just navigate through one day at time. How are you currently navigating through your own life?

If you have a desire to help others while working with these amazing animals, reach out to us about our equine coaching certification course to learn more!

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