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Healing Through Horses

Recently, I had the distinct privilege of presenting at the Celebrate Your Life Event in the picturesque surroundings of Washington State. I was invited not just as a speaker, but as a facilitator for a unique workshop, pairing 72 participants with four majestic horses over the weekend. The setting couldn't have been more perfect – pristine weather complementing the stunning backdrop of the Skamania Lodge.

The breathtaking landscape, and setting was truly magical, and helped to create an unparalleled atmosphere for introspection, learning, and profound healing moments. This safe and secure environment allowed attendees to immerse themselves in transformative experiences. From laughter and tears to revelations, the ambiance was rich with emotion and discovery.

As each individual stepped into the pens, they were able to share pure moments of connection with these magnificent creatures. They all had the unique opportunity to intimately engage with the horses for an extended amount of time. Their interaction wasn't burdened with obstacles, props, or set agendas, but was a genuine bonding moment between them. For some, it was their maiden encounter with a horse, and the sheer wonder reflected in their eyes was reminiscent of a child's first enchantment. For others, this interaction stirred cherished memories from their past. Yet, for most, it was an introspective moment - a time of soul-searching and receiving insightful messages mirrored back by the horses.

What elevated this experience was the horses themselves, whom I had the pleasure of meeting merely a day prior. Their instinctive bond with every individual was heartwarming, and they quickly proved to be ideal companions in this journey, and I truly felt a strong connection with them.

I am immensely thankful to the wonderful young ladies and their mothers who graciously allowed us to partner with their horses. A particularly touching moment was when one of the young ladies, with teary eyes, expressed her gratitude. She spoke of the transformative power of the experience, not just for the attendees but for herself as well. Witnessing the profound interactions changed her perspective, forever altering how she will view her beloved horses.

In essence, this retreat was more than just a workshop; it was a journey of self-discovery and transformation, facilitated by the innate wisdom and grace of our equine partners.

And a very special thank you to Liz Donahue-Founder and Owner of Celebrate Your Life Events- for believing in me and presenting me with such an incredible opportunity.

You never know where Equine Assisted Coaching may lead you! If you are interested in a new career working with horses and helping to change the lives of others, contact us at

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