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Breaking Through Barriers to Freedom

I took the cool breeze blowing through her mane as an invitation to breath deep and go for it.

All kinds of possibilities ran through my mind as I came to terms with what I was about to do. It was either going to go well or it wasn’t. I wouldn’t know until it was done. No one was around to witness if we succeeded or help if we didn’t. Maybe that added to the excitement, it was up to me and her to figure out.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? A desire for something that was outside your comfort zone? A time when your mind had all the facts of why you shouldn’t, yet your heart had its compelling reasons for why you should?

The words of my trainer came to mind, “You’re a good rider you can handle whatever happens. Keep focused on what you want to accomplish and keep her focused on it too.” Gulp, memories of times things hadn’t gone so well in the past jumped to mind. Thankfully the lessons learned in those situations rose up next and I felt my confidence rebound. Before I could think myself out of it, I threw the saddle on her back and prepared for the ride.

Do you remember times you were on the cusp of committing to following your heart, and your mind kicked into overdrive? Times where you found yourself backing away, despite the cries from your heart to continue forward.

I swung my leg over her back and we headed out the gate. As we started our ride, I went through my mental check list: loose hands on the reins, firm seat in the saddle and to keep breathing. This seemed to help us both, and I shifted my focus to stay present to all I felt coming from her.

Remember those times you ignored the stern warnings of your mind and followed your heart? Those times you walked hand-in-hand with uncertainty and crossed the boundary of your comfort zone? Uncertain as to whether it was going to go well or not, and still committing to the adventure anyway?

As we rode down the drive she stopped at various boundaries, indicators each step was taking her further away from home. There was the fence where she hesitated and looked back at the horses standing in their paddocks watching her ride away. There was the spot where a horse called to her and she stopped to answer back, her whole body shaking in response. And then we hit the end of the end of the drive where the dirt turned to asphalt. Seeing it coming she shifted her weight preparing to turn back. There was an exchange of opinions and we crossed the road.

Have you felt that rush of moving through your first set of challenges on a new adventure?

The desert dust kicked up behind us as we rode through the last of the neighborhood, crossed the wash and emerged into open desert. Every now and again she’d call for the friends she’d left behind, or hesitate as we passed one of the well-known shortcuts home. There were a few attempts to chart her own course, yet we continued to ride mostly with a loose rein and little fuss.

Obstacles and challenges may urge you to turn around and retreat back to your comfort zone and is where your commitment to stay the course is tested. Remember those times you persevered and found great satisfaction at what you accomplished because you kept going? These are the moments when growth and evolution take place. Uncertain or fearful moments that become strengths and evidence of the courage you have to follow your heart.

As we rode back through the gate at home I reveled in what we’d accomplished. You see Whisper is very buddy sour, meaning she doesn’t like to leave her best buddy Ruger and go out alone. Previous attempts have resulted in all kinds of shenanigans, some even dangerous. Hence, my reluctance to embrace the invitation from the morning breeze to go for a ride. Yet, something never tried can never be experienced. While we still have work ahead of us, we made great strides today. Strides that forever have changed our story.

What dream is the morning breeze inviting you to take a deep breath and go for?

Something precious is emerging. Hearts are stirring, as the thought of going back to what was is being overwritten by thoughts and visions of what could be. Priorities are shifting. Settling for what exists in a comfort zone is being painted over by the visions of the Soul. More and more people are listening to the morning breeze and venturing out to thrive and live a joy-filled life.

Is your Soul calling you to do more? To follow your heart and passion for working with people and perhaps a love of horses? Are you curious about becoming an Equine Assisted Coach?

Join us in our upcoming Level 1 Equine Assisted Coaching Certification program. Become part of the Freedom Way movement to transform the way horses and people come together to create joy-filled lives!

Catch you on the morning breeze!

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