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A solid foundation

Over the past three weeks I have been in the process of creating a Labyrinth. It is something I have really always wanted to do. I have been through some challenging times during the last few months and have done a lot of self-reflecting. It just seemed like the perfect time to start creating it. The first place I had o start was to lay down a solid foundation. My husband Kent is currently in a wheelchair so there was no way he could help me.

In order to get my foundation ,I had to start learning to drive the tractor! “Hmmmm?” This should be interesting. But guess what? I did it! I basically taught myself, after Kent guided me through the basics of starting it and learning which levers I needed to use. I spread and leveled over fifty tons of granite by myself (and did a pretty good job, by the way!) I was able to secure that solid foundation so that I could start creating what I thought would only ever be a dream.

Long story short, I have created the most incredible Labyrinth, hauling in and laying down rock after rock after rock, going around and around in circles. Without my realization, it became a creative way to express and honor my own self care. I had been feeling a bit stuck and overwhelmed. This was my way of stepping back a bit and going within. What a great way to accomplish this, through the journey of the Labyrinth. I cannot wait to share this experience with my clients. It is such a common theme amongst them, that lack of self care, and not fueling themselves.

In our Freedom Way Certification course, you will not only learn to guide your clients through creating their own self-love, self-care routines, but you will work on creating yours. Your own practice of self-care and personal growth is the foundation that you need to create a thriving business. This course is so much more than learning new skills and creating a new job. It can truly be life-changing! Are you ready? Join us in August!

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