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Who Am I to . . . ?

“What is your favourite discovery?” asked the boy

“That I’m enough as I am” said the horse.

Charlie Mackesy

Heads nodded in agreement as one concerned voice put into words what others had been thinking, but hadn’t said aloud.

“But, what do I have to offer?”

I’d heard their life stories, their triumphs, struggles, lessons and achievements. Poignant and pivotal stories of overcoming and digging deep within; healing and transformation.

I’d seen their natural gifts flow to the surface so easily and effortlessly they overlooked the fact that what came effortlessly to them didn’t to others.

They talked about their careers and life experiences. I could see the depth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise each had that easily transferred into equine assisted coaching.

And yet, through their eyes they couldn’t see it. The things that each of them had to offer. The very things so many were seeking support and guidance in.

“What do I have to offer someone else?” “What could I possibly offer that someone else would want?”

These questions weren’t unique to this group. They come up within each new group of students in our Level 1 equine assisted coaching certification course.

Honestly, it didn’t matter what I said about the value each brought to their clients. This answer one values only when they recognize it within themselves. But … I could help them discover their own answers to these questions.

Have you ever heard these questions rolling around in your thoughts?

There are many reasons these questions arise. Here are just a few….

  • You’re seeing others through the lens of “comparativitis”. A comparison of your apples to someone else’s oranges. A comparison where you always come up on the short end.

  • “Not Enough” Syndrome flairs up. Not enough time, money, education, experience, etc. Limiting beliefs that once again cause you to come up short.

  • You’re stuck in the cycle of learning vs doing. Chasing certifications, licenses, education, more classes, and on and on and on. Thinking you just need that one more <fill in the blank> and then you’ll be ready. This is the result of the two items mentioned above.

  • You’re following an agenda planted in your mind from outside sources vs. following the agenda of your heart.

Years ago, as I ventured into my own career as an Equine Assisted Coach I remember bumping up against these types of questions or statements.

Who am I to help another in their life situation?

Why would someone come see me?

Why do I think I can coach someone else when I don’t have my life completely figured out?

No one will take me seriously.

I don’t have enough <fill in the blank> to offer.

These voices will either stop you from moving forward or invite you to be curious. Something interesting happens when you choose curiosity. The blinders begin to peel off and you can see things through different perspectives.

What you bring, your resume if you will, is a combination of all your life experiences. Your knowledge coming together in a unique way. Offering to others what only you can offer, in the way only you can offer it. Too often we undervalue what we have lived and come to know. Yet, if you think back before your life experiences taught you so much, wouldn’t it have been nice to find someone who’d walked a similar path to guide you, give pointers, and help you find your way?

Someone to guide you through a divorce, trauma/PTSD, grief, empty nest, reconnecting to your true self, finding your voice, a deep personal transformation, career change, substance abuse, and the millions of other situations people are seeking guidance and support through?

If you have a burning desire to become an equine assisted coach, who are you not to? To quote Mary Ann Williamson,We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

At The Freedom Way™ we firmly believe if you feel the call, the passion, the burning desire, you can and it’s time. Time to step forward. People are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

“But, what do I have to offer?” You have YOU! And that is more than enough.

Because we believe this whole heartedly, our commitment at The Freedom Way™ is to help you find and bring forward your unique voice, expertise and style of coaching. To find YOUR way, rather than conforming to someone else’s way.

To learn more about our equine assisted coaching certification programs visit our website at

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