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Lessons Learned From a Horse

A few weeks back, my boss was out visiting with the horses at Soberman's Estate, where I work facilitating equine sessions with men in residential treatment for substance use disorder. He had gone out the barn to spend time with them, and wrote the following after his experience.

While speaking with my wife via cellphone, I shared with her, “It’s the strangest thing—as I was speaking with you a moment ago, I was petting our horse, Sugar Pine, and he began stomping his front leg. I looked and Sugar had plenty of food and clean water. He looked healthy but continued to stomp his front left leg as if trying to tell me something. Now I’m petting our other horse, Charlie, and Charlie is also stomping his front left leg, even though he has plenty of food and water.”

When I explained this to our Horse Whisperer, she replied by putting her hands up in the air and saying, “Hmmmmm.” It was so very obvious: I was petting the horses, but I was not present like I usually am. I was focused on my phone conversation, and the horses were letting me know of their disapproval of my lack of engagement while interacting with them.

One of the most basic and essential tools for therapists or for anyone trying to communicate with others is to be present and be a good, not distracted, listener. Many times, a client will share with the therapist, “That session was so beneficial, and thank you sincerely,” and the therapist will feel that all they really did was hold space. By remaining fully present and not distracted, they were able to not only listen but truly “hear” the client as they spoke.

Sometimes it takes a horse to remind us of the importance of not being distracted.

-Mitch Prager, CEO and Founder of Soberman's Estate Mens Residential Treatment Center.

This is just a very simple example of how profound the messages and lessons that the horses teach us can be. Imagine yourself being able to intentionally help provide your own clients with some incredible insights to help them on their journey through life. Equine Assisted Coaching is such a powerful way to help create a safe environment for people to be able to look inside themselves and find their own guidance with a few nudges from the horses.

A horse has so many lessons to teach us if we are willing to listen to them! Are you ready to step into a world partnering with these magestic beings to help support others? Our next course begins in August 2024! Are you joining us?

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