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Seeing Beneath the Surface

Feeling the crunch of the dry desert floor beneath my hiking boots, I found myself lost in the scenery. In particular, how dry and lackluster the Sonoran Desert Spring had been. With very little rain in the past year, the plants didn’t have the resources to blossom in their usual bright spring colors.

I recognized that even though they looked dead, each plant was doing a lot beneath the surface to maintain life. That’s where their effort was focused until conditions were right and they could adorn themselves in leaves and flowers. So much happening beyond eyesight.

I’m reminded of a similar scenario I see time and again in Equine Assisted Coaching. Clients who have experienced something that drew them inward for protection, to hide, heal, feel safe, or all of the above.

And then . . . without exchange of a single word, when they stand next to a horse all the heartache, pain, sorrow and fear bubble to the surface. Safe in the protective space of a horse. The self-preservation happening beneath the surface finds the right set of circumstances to move outward, bursting forth in streams of emotion and energy that have been waiting to be felt and expressed. Just like desert plants living life beneath the surface until the right circumstances appear.

Through Equine Assisted Coaching I’ve seen people open to a horse in ways they can’t open to another person, no matter how sincere or loving the other person is.

This is the magic of Equine Assisted Coaching that changes lives. The way a horse reaches effortlessly into the depths of a soul where others aren’t allowed. Wordlessness that creates safety and speaks volumes. Initiating healing as life begins to move to the surface and beyond.

It’s not that people aren’t good at helping others do this . . . horses just happen to be exceptional at it! Seeing what is happening beyond eyesight.

Personally, my coaching practice was revolutionized when I added Equine Assisted Coaching. I saw my clients invite the horse into places others were not allowed. Behaviors, habits, emotions and energy changed quickly when a client stood with a horse.

Observing this time and again resonates with one of my favorite sayings - “Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart, you’ll never regret it.”

More than ever, people are seeking a direct path into their soul, wanting to live their life with purpose and direction that comes from the heart. Curious about how to add Equine Assisted Coaching to your current practice? Or maybe, you’ve been wondering how to create a business working with people with horses. We invite you to learn more about The Freedom Way Equine Assisted Coaching Certification program. This evolutionary program is moving the industry in a new direction towards authentic mind/body/spirit connection, true partnership with the horse, and serving the client from an intuitive, heart-centered space.

To learn more about this opportunity I invite you to check out our Level 1 Course. Our next class begins August 5th!

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