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My Dream Job!

I am sitting here at work this morning reflecting on my own path, and the journey I have been on especially over the last decade. I never dreamed that my work through Equine Assisted Coaching would lead me to a wonderful career of helping others reconnect with themselves. As well as guiding me to an amazing job working at a mens Luxury Rehab Treatment Facility. I manifested a job doing what I love, practically in my backyard. Who gets lucky enough to be able to ride their horse to work? Right?

Over the years I have had so many unbelievable experiences of witnessing many moments of insights, healing, and incredible breakthroughs with my clients. Sometimes, I’m still in awe at the “things” my horses do. The way that they support others on their paths and their own journeys of healing. The horses help them look deep within themselves, as they rediscover, and reconnect with who they are.

I am fortunate, as I get to work with many different clients, including kids, teens, adults, men, women and various groups. People with physical, mental, emotional and developmental challenges. I work with therapists, business groups, families, veterans, and groups of kids just to mention a few. I’ve done retreats, and various events such as horses and art, horses and yoga, horses and meditation, and other collaborations with friends. The possibilities of what you can create, and who you can work with are limitless.

Through our Freedom Way Assisted Coaching Certification Course, you can learn to facilitate sessions for clients with the horse as your partner. You don’t have a horse? No worries! We teach you basic horsemanship as well as how to partner with someone who does have them. You will learn how to coach clients through life experiences, helping them learn new tools and skills so they can learn to thrive and live the life they want.

This course is filled with so much information and knowledge, provided during weekly zoom meetings and an in person five day retreat. By the time you graduate you will have facilitated several sessions with actual clients, giving you the confidence needed to create the job you want. You'll learn the basic skills of how to set up your business and be on your way to getting your new career started. And we can't wait to support you on that journey!

What are you waiting for? We are now enrolling for our fall class that starts in August and we have payment plans available!

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