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Are you hiding in the shadows?

I was out riding with friends over Labor Day weekend and had an amazing time relaxing in the saddle. The recent desert storms had left our terrain filled with green grass and wildflowers creating a virtually dust free atmosphere for our rides. The weather was perfect as we forged our own path through the Juniper trees and brush.

As I was riding along with eight of my friends I was aware of my consistency in riding towards the back, always behind the others. Even following my own shadow most of the time. It was quiet back there, I could absorb all the beauty around me and really stay in the present moment. I was truly enjoying my beautiful ride, and visiting with a friend who was back there with me. Today, this is a great place for me to be, and I know that at any given moment I can speak up to the riders in front of me and move my horse up to the lead. This has not always been the scenario though.

In the past I have stayed in the back of the "pack" intentionally hiding behind my shadow afraid to be seen. Afraid to speak up, and allow myself to be heard, not wanting to bother anyone, and just following the crowd. I wouldn't make the suggestions on where to go or what to do, I just followed. That is what was keeping me stuck in my life! I needed to be able to take the lead, to find my voice, and follow my dreams. It hasn't always been easy, but I don't hide behind my own shadow anymore, (unless I'm trying to get cool pictures on my horse!). If I'm in the back it's because I am enjoying my journey, not because I feel like that is where I belong.

While clients are working with the horses, they often discover where in their life they are getting stuck. A few years back, I had a younger client in the stall with Bailey, and the message that he received from her was ("you don't have to hide in the corner, it's ok to be seen"). The client had never realized that he had actually been doing that very thing- hiding, not allowing himself to be seen. This young man is amazing, and the transformation I have watched him go through is truly incredible. He has gained so much confidence, he's finding his voice and allowing himself to be seen, and he's following his dream! He is living life!

Where are you living your life? Hiding in the back behind the shadows? Or are you up front, leading the trails?

Equine Assisted Coaching, is often a powerful way to help others gain clarity in so many different areas of their own lives. We created The Freedom Way® Equine Assisted Coaching Certification Course to help teach others to facilitate experiences that can truly help someone shift their life. Contact us for more information if you want a rewarding career helping and supporting others.

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